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That's right, completely free. No up-sells, no hidden charges. Nothing. You sign-up for Kajabi through our link below and you get access to the course completely free! I don't even have the payment connectors setup for this site, that's how dedicated I am to not charging for it!

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Sign-up for 30-day trial of Kajabi and get the Course Setup Academy for FREE!

If you need more convincing, here you go!

"At first I was afraid if I would ever be able to do everything in Kajabi I needed to do. It's a big platform with a lot of options and sometimes tricky to set up exactly as you want. Fortunately Jacob's Kajabi course was exactly what I needed. Helped me easily set up my course with everything necessary and navigate the platform. I now have almost 300 students and growing! This course is a no brainer for everyone starting with Kajabi!"

Jacek Adamcyzk

"Jacob was always more than willing to help answer any questions I had. He went above and beyond to make sure I had all the things I needed to be successful. Course Setup Academy helped me instantly jump right into the online course market and get up and running in no time. If you're looking for something to accelerate the learning curve of Kajabi, this is it!"

Josh Knight

"Yo Jacob I wanted to send you a quick message and tell you thanks my dude. Your course on Kajabi got us started on the right foot and helped us set up everything with Kajabi the right way. Now we are making well over 5 figures a month !!! 🤯 just wanted to say thanks and I hope you share the course with others cause it’s so much better than the 28 day challenge from Kajabi or other stuff out there 👌"

Ali Younessi

"The course helped me easily understand and develop my course. Highly detailed instructions that are easy to follow. Truly a great asset to anyone using Kajabi!"

Adler Irwin

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